High-End Valve Amplifiers 2
new research and applications
by Ir. Menno van der Veen

Valve amplifiers sound fantastic, nobody doubts about that. They sound vivid, the sound stage is deep and open, many details, very dynamic. The author systematically researches literature and adds his own new research to explain these remarkable capabilities of valve amplifiers. He designs new equivalent models for valves and transformers. They allow to predict on the drawing table the capabilities of a new to construct amplifier. The coupling between valves and output transformer is researched in great detail. As a result a special kind of distortion is discovered: the dynamic damping factor distortion (DDFD). The behavior of a valve amp at the edges of its operation area (at 20Hz and 20kHz) is calculated with models in the complex domain, resulting in stability criteria which should be met. Very often local or overall feedback is applied. This is modeled in detail and positive plus negative results are discussed and explained. As application of the theory the Quad II amplifier and several new valve designs from the author are discussed.
In this special book, the author does not only write technical stuff. He shows that designing valve amps is like a way of life, a philosophy. It influences your daily life and emotions; even the utility of patents is discussed.
In summary: this book gives new theoretical insight and applications of the remarkable valve amplifier technology. The do it yourselver and the researcher both will read this book with great pleasure.

Dutch printing: Segment BV, Postbus 75, 6190 AB Beek NL;
ISBN-10: 90-5381-204-0 : NUG 950

German printing "High-End Rohrenverstärker"
ISBN 978-3-89576-182-9 Elektor Verlag GmbH

English edition: Elektor International Media BV,
ISBN 978-0-905705-90-3