DVD Modern Valve Electronics

By Ir. Menno van der Veen

This double DVD presented by Menno van der Veen covers new technologies for enhancing valve amplifiers and is aimed at anyone seeking in-depth information on the operation of these amplifiers.

The filmed seminar starts with a short discussion of the classic approach using valve load line graphs, followed by current sources and current foldback techniques. Next, the negative effect of cathode electrolytics is covered as well as reducing supply voltage interference. With the help of state of the art measurement techniques the (in)correctness of feedback is proven, while also clarifying what’s happening deep within the core of the output transformer. This discussion allows the pleasant sound reproduction of valve amplifiers to be substantiated in detail.
This DVD includes:
• Valve Preamplifier presentation (75 mins.)
• Valve Power Amplifier presentation (90 mins)
• Other publications by Menno van der Veen
• Lecture Notes (27 pages)
• Datasheets

Please note: Elementary knowledge of electronics is required to be able to follow this seminar.

ISBN 978-1-907920-10-3