DVD Masterclass High-End Valve Amplifiers

Specifically for audio designers, audiophiles, DIY enthusiasts etc.

by Ir. Menno van der Veen

In this Masterclass Menno van der Veen will examine the predictability and perceptibility of the specifications of valve amplifiers. This topic is partially described in his book 'High-End Valve Amplifiersí (coming soon!), but is treated in more depth in this course.

Covered are models that allow the characteristics of valve amplifiers to be explored up to the limits of the audible domain from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This then leads to the minimum stability requirements that the amplifier has to satisfy. The coupling between output valves and output transformer are also modeled. This gives new insight into a unique type of distortion: Dynamic Damping Factor Distortion (DDFD). Negative feedback is often used in amplifiers. What is the optimum and what are the audible consequences? The correct amplification of micro details is explained, based on new research, and new models about this are presented.


  • 3.5 hours of Video material
  • PowerPoint presentation (74 slides)
  • Scanned overhead sheets (22 sheets)
  • AES Publications mentioned during the Masterclass


Part 1 Preamplifiers
Equivalent schematics, limits in the frequency.

Part 2 Power amplifiers
Modeling of class A to B, interaction of the specifications for Output Transformers (OPTs) and frequency range and damping factor.

Part 3 Negative feedback
How negative feedback can be done right, remarkable experiments in the project.

Part 4 Output transformers
Limitations and possibilities of the output transformer.