TENTLABS-VANDERVEEN miniature electronic

chokes MEC-50 en MEC-100
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We often have noticed that in the power supply of valve amplifiers chokes suppress hum and noise better than the standard configuration with capacitors plus a resistor. Chokes sound softer and milder, you can hear more details in the sound stage. This observation was the reason why ir. bureau Vanderveen and Tentlabs decided to develop new miniature electronic chokes for valve pre amplifiers and smaller SE amplifiers.

The MEC-50 and MEC-100 are very small electronic chokes which remove hum and distortions from the high voltage supply lines in valve amplifiers. The MEC-50 can handle 50 mA maximum while the MEC-100 can handle 100 mA. The maximum high supply voltage should be below 800 Vdc.

The MEC-50 is meant for pre amplifier and driver stages while the MEC-100 is designed for class A amplifiers with a maximum current demand of 100 mA. For currents larger than 100 mA we earlier designed the E-choke.

The MEC's have only two taps: their input and output. There is no connection to ground. They fit in the standard pi-circuit, where after rectification the supply voltage is buffered in C1, followed by the MEC and C2. This application is as with standard chokes.
However, the MEC's are much smaller than standard transformer core based chokes. The have no magnetic leakage fields and they do not hum or rattle. Besides these important advantages, they reject noise and hum much better than old fashioned chokes.

When we compare MEC high voltage supplies with conventional supplies, the sound stage and character have changed a lot towards mild and deep and very detailed.

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