The UL40-S2P is the power amplifier part of the integrated amplifier UL40-S2. These two amplifiers are identical except for the input circuitry. Inside the UL40-S2P the volume control and source selector are not used anymore, and therefore the frontpanel has changed. Only the POWER and STANDBY switches are functional. The new MCML05 valve pre amplifier now fully controls volume and selector and much more.

We created a smart DIY kit to change the UL40-S2 into the S2P version. This kit contains a new frontpanel, LED's, 2 high quality RCA sockets plus three new nylon feets to place the UL40-S2P at the same hight as the pre amplifier. See ORDER for price information.

If you wish to order the UL40-S2 or the UL40-S2P, please indicate clearly at ORDER which version you want. There is no price or quality difference between the two versions.