Ir. bureau Vanderveen is owned by Ir. Menno van der Veen. The company focuses on research, product development and consultation in relation to audio electronics, sound reproduction for high-end at home or in the recording studio or for Public Address, sound recordings for DCDC-projects and the developments of sound recording techniques.
Specializations are: high-end audio toroidal output transformers for vacuum tube amplifiers, design and consultancy for high-end tube amplifiers, sound concepts for musicians based on individual customer specifications, ...

Results of the research are published in convention papers of the Audio Engineering Society ( and in the books "Modern High-End Valve Amplifiers based on toroidal output transformers". Vanderveen products (transformers, vacuum tube amplifiers, books, ...) are worldwide available and signed with the Vanderveen signature.

For the region Canada/America and Japan: see For the region Europe: see For East Europe: see

Several selected products are solely sold through this Vanderveen site.
Please contact Vanderveen directly for consultation related to electronics for musicians, sound projects, DCDC audio recordings (Dutch Compact Disk Company label):


Ir. Menno van der Veen
Ir. Bureau Vanderveen
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