Third Announcement of The Vanderveen Project

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The power valves of the more than 20 amps of the project are universal available valves, like the EL34/6CA7, 6L6, 6550, KT66/88. Even the newest version (octal base) of the EL156 is very happy in this project. With these tubes the different amplifiers can be constructed (in mono block or stereo version) with output powers ranging from 5 to 80 Watts, intended for high-end or PA or guitar applications. In all amps, the driver tube is the well known 12AT7 (ECC81).

For this project Vanderveen designed the new universal EI output transformer VDV-GIT80 with many selectable primary and secondary impedances with an output power capability of 80 Watts. The special power transformer VDV-POW80 can be used worldwide on every 50/60 Hz mains voltage.

More news to follow soon!