Miniature Electronic Choke
€ 44,00 (€ 36,36 tax exclusive)


The MEC-200 is an electronic choke that offers astounding performance at staggering small volume and weight. Applied in power supply filters from valve amplifiers, it offers up to 48 dB of ripple rejection. A clean, distortion free and transparent sound is the result.
The MEC-200 can handle 200 mA maximum. The maximum high supply voltage should be below 800 Vdc. The MEC-200 is meant for valve amplifiers with powers up to 20 Watt.

Specifications MEC-200:
Maximum current : 200 mA
Internal current limit : no
Maximum voltage : 800 Vdc
Equivalent Inductance : 10 H
Reverse protected : yes
Short Circuit Protection : no
Dimensions : 26 x 15 x 15 mm
Mass : 12 gram

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