Miniature Electronic Choke
€ 33,00 (€ 27,27 tax exclusive)


The MEC-50 is an electronic choke that offers astounding performance at staggering small volume and weight. Applied in power supply filters from pre-amps, it offers up to 60 dB of ripple rejection. A clean, distortion free and transparent sound is the result.
The MEC-50 can handle 50 mA maximum. The maximum high supply voltage should be below 800 Vdc. The MEC-50 is meant for valve pre amplifier and driver stages.

Specifications MEC-50:
Maximum current : 50 mA
Internal current limit : 68 mA
Maximum voltage : 800 Vdc
Equivalent Inductance : 78 H
Reverse protected : yes
Short Circuit Protection : no
Dimensions : 26 x 15 x 15 mm
Mass : 12 gram

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