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Push-Pull valve output transformer

Primary Impedance = 10 kΩ

Power = 10 W

€ 83,49 (€ 69,00 tax exclusive)


The famous ECL82 and ECL86 combination tubes (triode plus pentode) were very often applied in small radio’s and TV’s. However, also quality amplifiers were constructed with these smart tubes. With a push-pull output power of 10 Watt, these amplifiers were ideal for smaller living rooms. The great advantage of these tubes is that the power section plus the phase splitter can be constructed using only 2 x ECL86/82. Adding a single ECC83 = 12AX7 was enough to create a complete amplifier. A further development was the ECLL800, capable of push-pull power of 8,5 Watt, phase splitter included, all in one tube. The VDV-1010-PPE is special developed for these smart tubes.

Application PP : 2 x ECL82 / 2 x ECL86 / 1 x ECLL800
Power : 10 Watt @ 46 Hz
Impedance-prim. : 10 kΩ
Impedance-sec. : 0/4/8 Ω
UL-taps : 40 %
Frequency range : 2 Hz to 80 kHz (-3dB 2 x ECL86)
Dimensions : round 93 mm dia, height 42 mm
Weight : 1,1 kg

Download : Datasheet VDV-1010-PPE
Download : Applications soon available