specialist transformer

Primary Impedance = 2 kΩ

Power = 100 W
€ 342,43 (€ 283,00 tax exclusive)


This special toroidal transformer combines all the goodies of earlier designs. It can handle 100 W push-pull, has a primary impedance of 2 kOhm, and is special meant for 4 output tubes like the 6550 or KT88 to KT150, two by two in push-pull. The screen grid ultra linear feedback winding is totally separated from the primary. This enables lower screen grid supply voltages than the anode voltages, thus largely lowering the harmonic distortion. Also two separate windings are added for cathode feedback of 10 % ratio, largely raising the damping factor of the amplifier without using overall negative feedback. For an indication of application, please study the STC70 amplifier (see application) where four power tubes should be applied instead of two. The transformer is fully potted in an attractive aluminum black textured shell.

Application PP : 4 x 6550 or KT88 to KT150
Power : 100 Watt @ 20 Hz
Impedance-prim. : 2 kΩ
Impedance-sec. : 4 Ω
SSCR-UL-windings : 40 %
CFB-windings : 10 %
Frequency range : 0,4 Hz to 234 kHz (-3 dB)
Dimensions : round 155 mm dia, height 90 mm
Case : black textured aluminum
Weight : 5,3 kg

pdfDownload 2100-SSCR-CFB-PPS datasheet-1 and pdf2100-SSCR-CFB-PPS-datasheet-2
pdfDownload 4070-CFB-SSCR-PPS application