VDV-8020-PP (PAT4000)

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Push-Pull valve output transformer

Primary Impedance = 8 kΩ

Power = 20 W

€ 177,87 (€ 147,00 tax exclusive)


The wide bandwidth toroidal push-pull output transformer 8020 is meant for medium power (10 to 20 Watt) high quality tube amplifiers with special tubes like the famous 300B and 2A3 triodes, or the standard EL84 or 6V6 medium power pentodes. Due to its 8 kOhm primary the effective primary load line delivers extreme low distortions plus a good speaker damping without any feedback. For most domestic applications this is THE standard for detailed clean sound reproduction with horn loudspeakers. The transformer has 33 % Ultra Linear feedback taps and the secondary impedance is at the standardized 5 Ohm. The transformer is fully potted in an attractive aluminum black textured shell.

Application PP : 2A3, 300B, EL84, 6V6, 6L6
Power : 20 Watt @ 40 Hz
Impedance-prim. : 8 kΩ
Impedance-sec. : 5 Ω
UL-taps : 33 %
Frequency range : 2 Hz to 174 kHz (-3 dB)
Dimensions : round 105 mm dia, height 55 mm
Case : black textured aluminum
Weight : 2,6 kg

Download: pdf8020-PP datasheet-1 and pdf8020-PP_datasheet-2b
Download application: chapters 10 & 11 & 12 of Modern High-End Valve Amplifiers