VDV-3070-PP (PAT4004)

Push-Pull valve output transformer

Primary Impedance = 3 kΩ

Power = 70 W

€ 225,06 (€ 186,00 tax exclusive)


The wide bandwidth (250 kHz) toroidal push-pull output transformer 3070 is meant for high power (70 Watt) high quality tube amplifiers. Either two output tubes can be used at a supply voltage from 450 to 600 V, or four paralleled power tubes at a supply voltage around 350 V. Screen grid taps at 40 % are present and the primary impedance is close to 3 kOhm. The secondary is at the standardized 5 Ohm impedance. Good power tubes are the 6550 or KT88 or KT90 or KT120. This transformer is meant for loud high quality sound reproduction with lower efficiency bas-reflex or closed box loudspeakers. Due to its resonance free high frequency bandwidth feedback ratios larger than normal are allowed to create low distortion and high speaker damping. The transformer is fully potted in an attractive aluminum black textured shell.

Application PP : 6550 and KT88 to KT120
Power : 70 Watt @ 33 Hz
Impedance-prim. : 2,8 kΩ
Impedance-sec. : 5 Ω
UL-taps : 40 %
Frequency range : 0,4 Hz to 250 kHz (-3 dB)
Dimensions : round 125 mm dia, height 65 mm
Case : black textured aluminum
Weight : 2,6 kg

Download: pdf3070-PP datasheet-1 and pdf3070-PP datasheet-2 
Download application: chapters 10 & 11 & 12 of Modern High-End Valve Amplifiers