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headphone transformer

600 Ω to 32 Ω

Power = 3 W
€ 94,38 (€ 78,00 tax exclusive)


Most modern headphones have an impedance of 32 Ohms. Earlier types and some very high quality phones are at 600 Ohms. These 600 Ohms types are very well suited for tube headphone amplifiers. Suppose you wish to join the qualities of modern 32 Ohms headphones, with excellent tube circuitry, then a good impedance match is mandatory. The small toroidal transformer VDV-600-32-HPH does this. Now you can connect your 32 Ohms headphones directly to vale circuitry.
The specifications of this matching transformer are outstanding. The output level is way over the standard 1 Vrms output in 32 Ohms, thus creating a large headroom. The bandwidth is wider than ever seen before. Special care is given to the low distortion magnetics to prevent any loss of precious micro details in the sound stage.
This impedance matching transformer can also be used to match high quality 600 Ohms headphones to modern transistor headphone amplifiers. The matching is both ways; from high to low, or from low to high impedance.

Application: Headphone Impedance Match
Impedances : 32 Ω to 600 Ω and vise verse
Power : 3 Watt
Frequency range : 1 Hz to 180 kHz (-3 dB)
Dimensions : 66 mm dia x 35 mm height
Weight : 0,35 kg

Download: pdfVDV-600-32-HPH datasheet 
Download Applications: available soon