Vanderveen Trans Valve Tube Amplifiers

2015 Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers

2015: Menno van der Veen
Menno van der Veen is well known for his research publications on tube amplifiers used in audio systems.

In this book he describes one of his research projects which focuses on the question of whether full compensation for distortion in tubes and output transformers is possible.
In the past, a variety of techniques have been developed. One of them has largely been forgotten: trans-conductance, which means converting current into voltage or voltage into current. Menno van der Veen has breathed new life into this technique with his research project titled “Trans”. This book discusses all aspects of this method and discusses its pitfalls. These pitfalls are addressed one by one. The end result is a set of stringent requirements for Trans amplifiers.

Armed with these requirements, Menno then develops new Trans amplifiers, starting with Transie 1 and Transie 2. These DC-coupled, single-ended tube amplifiers have unusually good characteristics and are suitable for hobbyist construction. Next the Trans principle is applied to amplifiers with higher output power.

A trial-and-error process ultimately leads to the Vanderveen Trans 30 amplifier, which optimizes the features of Trans. The characteristics of this amplifier are so special and unique that Menno believes he has struck gold. To ensure that variations in tube characteristics cannot interfere with optimal Trans behavior, Menno makes use of simulations and comparison with other amplifier types. This book reads like an adventure story, but it is much more – it is an account of solid research into new ways to achieve optimal audio reproduction.

Publisher: Elektor
ISBN: 978-1-907920-34-9