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Click here to download the manual in pdfDutch or pdfEnglish”.

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pdf97th AES Convention 1994, San Francisco, preprint 3887


2021: Menno van der Veen 
“ETF-2021 Trans versus Global nfb”
Download lecture: pdfETF-2021_Trans_versus_Global_nfb.pdf

2021: Menno van der Veen
“The Birth of the TS2019-PP80 Amplifier”
pdfPOW80-t and GIT80-t ACCESS and OFFERS

2021: Srajan Ebaen (6moon):
“High-End-press Vanderveen-Trans-SE10 evaluation”

2021: Menno van der Veen:
“Modification-1 for the Vanderveen-Trans-SE10 kit”
Download Modification-1: pdfVanderveen-Trans-SE10_MOD-1_Anti-Plop.pdf

2021: Menno van der Veen:

2020: Menno van der Veen:
‘’Vanderveen-Trans-SE10 Tube Amplifier DIY-kit’’
Download the construction manual:  zipMANUAL VANDERVEEN-TRANS-SE10 1.5.2.zip37.64 MB
See Products > Valve Electronics > Amplifier kits

2019: Menno van der Veen:
“Build an 18 W Single-Ended Valve Amplifier with Trans Technology”
pdf2019-december-AudioXpress VDV-TRANS-SE18 artikel.pdf
zipFree download Gerbers
See Products > Valve Electronics > Amplifier kits

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“UL40-S2 Autobias Ig2 compensation”

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“Trans Adventures”;

2010: Menno van der Veen: 
“New record buffer isolates the MCML05 from its environment”;

2010: Menno van der Veen
Download the PR20HE service manual in zipPR20HE-UK.zip8.46 MBzipPR20HE-DL.zip15.2 MB, zipPR20HE-NL.zip8.51 MB

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“Second modification of the line stage with ECC99 of the Vanderveen MCML05 pre-amplifier”

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2009: Menno van der Veen: 
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This article is a compressed summary of “The Project”.

2005: Menno van der Veen:
“The Project”

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“MCML05 Service-Manual";
download in pdfDutch or pdfEnglish

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“Screen Grid Modification”;

2004: Menno van der Veen:
“Modify the UL40-S2 into a Super-Triode amplifier”;

2002: Menno van der Veen

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“UL40-S2 service":
download the construction manual of the UL40-S2 in pdfDutch or pdfGerman or pdfEnglish

1999: Menno van der Veen

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2017: Menno van der Veen:
“What happens when the Damping Factor of an Audio-Amplifier is changed?”



2016: Menno van der Veen:
“All about the Vanderveen-Tentlabs-ARTA-2 measuring unit”;
Dutch language. zipDownload with complete building information, inclusive PCB-gerber-files.



2022: Menno van der Veen

pdfOver de Harley Benton Mighty-5th en Ruimtelijk Gitaargeluid

pdfbijlage-1: HB-origineel 

pdfbijlage-2: HB-Menno

2021: Masaki Inui, Toshihiko Hamasaki, Menno van der Veen
pdf“Intermodulation Distortion Analysis of a Guitar Distortion Pedal With a Starving Circuit”

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“MEC-50 and MEC-100 miniature electronic chokes”
Download manuals in pdfDutch or pdfEnglish.

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“Auto-bias module improved”;

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“The E-choke”;
Download manuals in  pdfDutch or pdfEnglish.

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