The challenge

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This project certainly is not finished, it just has started. I designed a universal valve amplifier and created the transformers to build this amp. Because the under laying system is universal, many totally different amplifiers can be constructed with this concept. Last time I placed the amplifiers 1 to 20 into a Matrix. Surprisingly there still are many white spots in this Matrix, indicating that I have not used all possibilities. I could have designed more amps to complete the Matrix, but I have decided to follow a different route. In the last half year I already sold many transformers. So, I know that designers all over the world are busy with this project. Probably they have constructed their own fantastic amplifier. I also assume that they have invented totally new concepts which I have not mentioned yet.
Therefore I know invite valve amp designers to design new amps and to send their inventions to me.

I have one condition: stay using my universal amp and transformers; stay in the scope of this project and its components. Then I can test and evaluate the proposals sent to me. Following I will publish the new ideas on this site, mention the name of the inventor and assure that the new circuit is under his or her copyright.

I am very curious about what will happen now. Will this invitation be successful, might it happen now that a totally new amplifier concept will be invented?

IMG 7447

photo: Frans Goddijn

Next time: the never invented valve amp ?