Part 1: The philosophy of The Vanderveen Project

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The Vanderveen Project uses the design philosophy of the old times. In those days the quality of the design was far more important than audiophile components; optimal schematics and design were at the center of attention. The magnificent amplifiers of those days prove the validity of this approach.

The project deals with the most important choices to make when designing a valve amplifier. Firstly, a new universal system is developed, describing the basic principles of all valve amplifiers (OTL excluded). The three web pages to come contain this system. The next logical consequence of the system is to design new amplifiers, each having their own goodies. All amplifiers can be built with the universal amplifier and transformers of this project.

The picture shows the bottom view of the complete project amplifier (stereo). On the left side the pre-amp section, in the middle the power tubes plus a contact board to wire the different amplifier topologies, on the right side the two floating power supplies with contact boards.

More news to follow soon!