Trans-SE18 amplifier3
2 x VDV-2512-SEE + T5N190410
€ 292,82 (€ 242,00 tax exclusive)


In pdfAudioXpress December 2019 the new Vanderveen-Trans-SE18 amplifier is published. 

In this design special toroidal transformers are applied.

The discount offer of the standard set of transformers is:
Output transformers 2 x VDV-2512-SEE plus Mains-transformer T5N190410;
All transformers are un-canned with black-mylar finish plus black-grey mounting disc and bold plus nut.

Download: pdfVDV-2512-SEE specification sheet 
Download: pdfT5N190410 in Trans-SE18 
Download: pdf2512-SEE in Trans-SE18.pdf