High Current Electronic Choke
€ 69,00 (€ 57,03 tax exclusive)


The E-choke replaces traditional chokes that generally work quite well, but suffer from serious disadvantages like high weight, relatively big size and magnetic field radiation that induces hum in the circuit. The E-choke does not have such disadvantages. It is a compact and light weight module that can handle 500 mA without magnetic leakage fields. With its ripple reduction of 40 to 60 dB, this unit creates an absolute silent power amplifier with strongly reduced intermodulation distortion.

Maximum dc-current : 500 mA
Maximum dc-voltage : 450 V
Equivalent Inductance : 10 H
Heat dissipation : < 5 W
Ripple Rejection : > 40 dB (time=off)
Ripple Rejection : > 60 dB (time=on)
Short circuit protection : use external fuse
Dimensions PCB : 72 x 50 x 50 mm

Download Instruction manual in pdfDutch , pdfEnglish