Mains Transformer
for VDV-Trans-SE18 amplifier
€ 89,54 (€ 74,00 tax exclusive)


In pdfAudioXpress december 2019 the new Vanderveen-Trans-SE18 amplifier is published. 

Its special mains transformer is the T5N190410. See below the download for specifications.

The standard version T5N190410 is with black mylar finish plus black-grey disc plus bold and nut. 

The canned version T5N190410-c (+ € 20,-) has 160 mm diameter, height is 90 mm and weight is 5,4 kg.

When ordering the canned version: mention it in the section remarks.

For the Trans-SE18 amplifier there is a package discount offer for opt’s and mains-transformer combined in one order.

See Products > Valve Electronics > Amplifier kits

pdfDownload: T5N190410_specifications.pdf

pdfDownload: T5N190410 in Trans-SE18.pdf